If you have watched my videos, you know I talk a lot about a relatively new school of thought called Propertarianism. Propertarianism was originated by Curt Doolittle, a tech entrepreneur who after making his money by selling companies he started, spent ten years reading widely and studying how the world works. (The Propertarian reading list can be found here.)

I call Propertarianism “parasite-proof governance”. I also call it “the iPhone of right-wing thinking” because it builds upon the best practices Western Civilization has implemented, that caused us to drag half of humanity out of ignorance, poverty, and disease, and expands further on those best practices with innovations in rule of law and governance that make us immune to the various forms of elite and leftist parasitism that threaten to bring our civilization to ruin.

Propertarianism could also be called “scientific governance”. Propertarianism takes the scientific method and expands it from the realm of the hard sciences into the realm of human interaction and governance. We now have enough scientific and historical knowledge about how human beings “work”, and how various systems of government “work”, to design a system of law and governance that can withstand the onslaughts of elite and leftist parasitism. Propertarianism is the answer for conservatives - it enables us to defeat the left and parasitic elites permanently, and ensure our descendants do not have to fight this battle again.

I want to understand Propertarianism - where do I start?

I recommend three primary sources to learn about Propertarianism, in this order:

  1. My Intro to Propertarianism video Parasite-Proof Government. (Also see my Prepping For Propertarianism video playlist below.) This video is designed to provide an easy-to-understand introduction to the benefits of Propertarianism and several of the primary concepts, while painting a picture of how Propertarianism provides a long-term solution for conservatives. It answers the question: “How does this solve the right wing’s problems? What would a Propertarian government and society look like? How would it work?” This video should not be considered a full explanation of every aspect of Propertarianism.

  2. This excellent introduction to the primary concepts, on the Propertarianism.com website: Propertarian Core Concepts

  3. The Propertarian Institute’s website: Propertarianism.com - Start with the links on the “Propertarianism?” tab. Then peruse “Doolittle’s Blog”. You can use the search bar on the site to look for content on particular topics. (Much of the content is in Facebook post or blog format - some short, some long - because Curt originally developed, refined, and tested his work on Facebook.) The Institute will also be offering classes starting in Spring 2019.

After absorbing the basics, you may also be interested in our initial list of FAQs. I also have videos covering some of the policies that flow from Propertarianism (if you’re a right-winger you’ll LOVE them), and a video covering several common questions.

Note: Some people find parts of Curt Doolittle’s writing a bit hard to understand. If you get a bit frustrated listening to or reading Curt, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. One of my goals is to be an accurate “translator” that popularizes Propertarianism and makes the most important basic concepts accessible for everyone. From what I understand, the classes offered by the Propertarian Institute will be designed to be accessible as well (you will not have to be a genius to benefit from them).

The Winning Right - Video Playlist

These videos explain the failed strategies that conservatives in America and the Western world have employed, which have caused us to lose throughout the latter half of the 20th century and early part of the 21st century, to the point where the entire establishment structure defends and enforces lunatic “social justice” political correctness, and very soon we will never win a national level election in America again. (Because most legal immigrants are nonwhite, and most nonwhites vote Democrat.)

To win, we must abandon these failed strategies, and embrace winning strategies. Propertarianism is the ultimate long-term winning strategy for the right wing. These videos prepare you to embrace Propertarianism by helping you understand why so many of our previous strategies failed.

Welcome to the Winning Right will give you an overview of these failed strategies and a couple of the key benefits of Propertarianism:

Why the Left Never Learns (Part 1) - Explains why most nonwhite Americans vote Democrat, and why it is impossible for conservatives to convert enough of them to right-wing thinking to make a significant difference in elections.

Why the Left Never Learns (Part 2) - Explains why most white leftists are near-impossible to convert to right-wing thinking.

The #1 Law of Political Power - Explains why tolerance - a hallmark of libertarianism and classical liberalism - is a losing strategy because it empowers left-instinct groups who take advantage, don’t “play fair”, and gain power through extreme intolerance for any view but their own.

The First Rule of a Great Civilization - Explains the first great secret of Western Civilization’s success - rule of law (in other words, punishing parasites). This is important preparation for understanding Propertarianism, which takes rule of law to a new, “parasite-proof” level of effectiveness.