We Work By DATA - Not Wishful Thinking, Feelings, Propaganda, Ideology, or Popular Sentiment by John Mark

By Curt Doolittle

So you know, Stefan Molyneux is pretty good at the data, and he's even better at using his podium and pulpit to interview the thought leaders who know the data. (Which is hard for normies to do.)

So, unlike counter-signaling commenters, some of us work ENTIRELY by the data.

Sales Data
Dating Site Data
Academic and job Test data
Marketing data.
Fashion Rotation Data
Vocabulary and Speech pattern data. (french are most hostile, german most honest, we all know who lies the most)
Normative data (Stereotypes are the most accurate measure in the social sciences.)
Driving record data
Accident and police record data
Fire and emergency services data.
Legal Data (court records).
Property Record Data
Births, christenings, marriages, and death data.
Class Rotation data
Credit and Debt data
Economic Data.
Monetary trace data.
Telephone, messaging, internet traffic data.
Demographic and census data.
Moving data
Voting Data.
Cognitive Science Data
Medical Data
Genetic Data
Archaeological Data

Survey Data (almost useless but useful for debunking majoritarian pretenses.)

And that's just the beginning.

Now, most people use propaganda, literature, philosophy, ideology, popular sentiment, nonsense, or worse, theological nonsense. They use cherry picking. But very rarely do they seek to understand, then seek to falsify, then seek to change their frame.

On the Grassroots Right Wing, We Can Learn from Our Leaders Who Have Experience in the World of Ruthless Men by John Mark


By John Mark

As grassroots Right-wingers, it is extremely valuable to have a leader (Curt Doolittle) on our team that has extensive experience in the ruthless world of "the people who run things". The western, mostly white, working and middle class is fighting a two-front battle against the left and the elites. One of the middle class's weaknesses (which is a weakness for almost all humans and groups) is thinking that what "makes sense" or "feels right/good" to us must make others feel that way too. (It doesn't.)

So when it comes time to talk solutions, the middle class instinctively wants to teach or moralize to the left & the elites: "Be like us. Don't be a parasite. Be truthful. Earn your way and don't cheat." Fatal miscalculation. The Left needs to be parasites (their best short-term strategy)(amoral seizing of opportunities) and the elites just calculate without regard for morality (amoral seizing of opportunities). Only the working/middle class has the incentives (enough ability to succeed on merit, not enough power to seize parasitic opportunities) to keep a moral structure in place (truth, reciprocity) that will keep our civilization ascendant.

So the working/middle class is learning that we must ruthlessly suppress/punish parasitism by force rather than persuasion, which has limited to zero effect on our enemies. I have enough experience at the decision-making levels of influential organizations to know that people at this level simply calculate. (For example, the leaders of big corporations are giving in to the Left’s social agenda because they calculate that it benefits them more than it costs them, right now.) But there are men with a lifetime of battle scars, victories, losses, and survival in these arenas. It is not an accident that the leader at the vanguard of this movement, Curt Doolittle, has a lot of experience with ruthless people. Similar dynamic with Trump, but with less intellectual output - a lifetime of dealing with snakes. Men like Trump and Curt, men of means and experience, almost always end up on our enemy's team - the elites. One of the strengths these men bring to the table is their understanding that utter ruthlessness is required to deal with those (our enemies) who will ruthlessly exploit any opportunity for parasitism.

This is why it took me awhile to grasp why some people complain about Propertarianism or a rule of law based solution in general, saying things like, "But it doesn't have a spiritual/aesthetic component." I eventually figured out that it's because the people saying this a) take the powerful positive effects of good rule of law for granted, and b) have never had responsibility for much of anything, and are simply expressing desire for solutions in line with what they understand and are familiar with. People with real responsibility, the people who run things, don't care about that. They only care what the rules are and how much they can get away with so they can win, regardless of the costs they impose on others. (And the Left cares not for rules at all.)

Teaching is not going to stop them. Moralizing is not going to stop them. A religion is not going to stop them. Aesthetics is not going to stop them. All of these things can be valuable, but they are not our ultimate solution. Only rule of natural law enforced by a team of sovereign men organized into a militia and institutions will stop them.

It took a man with great experience in the world of amoral ruthless men, combined with a love for the truth and a love for his people, to help us learn how to stop amoral ruthless parasites.

And I, for one, am grateful for it.