We Work By DATA - Not Wishful Thinking, Feelings, Propaganda, Ideology, or Popular Sentiment by John Lilley

By Curt Doolittle

So you know, Stefan Molyneux is pretty good at the data, and he's even better at using his podium and pulpit to interview the thought leaders who know the data. (Which is hard for normies to do.)

So, unlike counter-signaling commenters, some of us work ENTIRELY by the data.

Sales Data
Dating Site Data
Academic and job Test data
Marketing data.
Fashion Rotation Data
Vocabulary and Speech pattern data. (french are most hostile, german most honest, we all know who lies the most)
Normative data (Stereotypes are the most accurate measure in the social sciences.)
Driving record data
Accident and police record data
Fire and emergency services data.
Legal Data (court records).
Property Record Data
Births, christenings, marriages, and death data.
Class Rotation data
Credit and Debt data
Economic Data.
Monetary trace data.
Telephone, messaging, internet traffic data.
Demographic and census data.
Moving data
Voting Data.
Cognitive Science Data
Medical Data
Genetic Data
Archaeological Data

Survey Data (almost useless but useful for debunking majoritarian pretenses.)

And that's just the beginning.

Now, most people use propaganda, literature, philosophy, ideology, popular sentiment, nonsense, or worse, theological nonsense. They use cherry picking. But very rarely do they seek to understand, then seek to falsify, then seek to change their frame.