Constitution Update - 8/22/19 / by John Lilley


Three Insights Today

1) Constitution

I made a two mistakes in sketching a draft of the constitution:

… i) Not separating the law from the constitution itself. The Law is The Law regardless of the constitution created under it. The constitution is an application of the law. The policies are actions within the constitution AND the law. So I have to reorganize a bit and make the law ‘the law’.

… And ii) I conflated the Law, the forms of government we can choose under it, with the restitutions due us for abuse of the previous constitution. With the threats of what terms we will impose if that constitution and those restitutions are not granted. (escalation terms).

2) Western Group Rhetoric doesn’t Consider Fraud and Deceit

We have been high trust so long we forgot the alternatives. And as such our rhetoric and our position in debate is one of ignorance, or error, or cognitive bias – we discuss cognitive biases and fallacies at length. But we do not discuss deceits with the same depth. Largely because we are not practitioners of them. So our Enemies are however, not engaging in ignorance, error, or cognitive bias -they are engaging in deceit in order to perpetuate a fraud. And no Thief submits to reason, nor abandons his theft except under punishment and forcible restitution.

So part of the work we have ahead of us is systematically training people in not only the errors and biases, but deceits. And adding the deceits to our listings of fallacies and Cognitive biases.

3) Honest Discourse Terms on the Taboos

The systematic attempt to render subjects taboo has to end. So I’m going to specifically address the taboos, and campaign against their suppression.

I’ll add this to the class action.

- Curt Doolittle