A Coalition is Forming - In Fact a Big One Has Already Formed / by John Lilley


by John Mark

A commenter: "You're going to need a coalition."

Yes, and the consensus/coalition is forming out of sheer necessity. Pain is driving learning.

The coalition will not include everyone on the grassroots Right, but it will include everyone who's not a cuck, not a wishful-thinking civnat, and not a "we can't do anything" weakling. This coalition is moving past early adopters to more mass adoption, and already at its current size it is big enough to do what needs to be done.

The grassroots right masses will accept what we put in place because it will be massively improved over the current situation. The most significant challenge will be to ensure that virtue-signaling civic nationalists don't oppose the "no more immigration" policy. That's why I pound home "nonwhites vote 70% left" at every opportunity.