I'm John Mark. I do three things:

1. Political analysis (and sometimes predictions)
I help people understand the political situation in the West, using insights from science, data, and observation, so the right wing can abandon failed strategies. In addition, I use these insights to help conservatives know what productive actions we can take right now to move toward long-term solutions.

2. Advocate for peaceful separation of right and left in America
This is, however, unlikely to occur due to the psychology and incentives the various groups in play are operating in - so I also help people understand that civil war is likely coming to America, and how to prepare.

3. Popularize and explain “parasite-proof governance” - Propertarianism
I explain a relatively new school of thought called Propertarianism, which essentially amounts to parasite-proof government. Western Civilization's success is due largely to good rule of law, which in the 20th century could not innovate fast enough to keep up with innovations in parasitism. Propertarianism builds on the tradition of the original U.S. constitution, completes what it attempted, and contains several innovations in law and government that will allow our nation and its hardworking, honest people to stop parasitism from corrupt elites and various other sources, in its tracks.

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Two important notes:

1. I do political analysis and sometimes make predictions. My explanation of my analysis and predictions (when I explain how certain groups are thinking and what they are likely to do) should not be misconstrued as calling for a particular action. I call for, and advocate for peaceful separation of right and left in America. I certainly do not advocate violence. Do not be confused by the fact that I predict (due to my analysis of the political situation) that future violence is likely to come in America - I am not calling for that. I am trying to avoid it.

2. I sometimes talk about group patterns and statistics, and the underlying psychological factors in groups that cause them. Always remember that there are many exceptions to these group patterns and statistics. Nothing I say should be construed as hate or as labeling all the members of a particular group.